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Charcoal activated daily shower gel + Anti-chaffing Liquid powder 100 ml

Charcoal activated daily shower gel + Anti-chaffing Liquid powder 100 ml

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Nuutjob Men Intimate Grooming & Hygiene Combo pack. 

Paraben Free | Prevents wetness | Anti Chafing | Fights bad smell

Pack Includes: 

1) Nuutwash All-in-one cleanser - With activated charcoal and enriched with herbal extracts and essential oils

2) Nuutguard Liquid powder:  Apply as lotion, dries as cooling powder with natural aroma and essential oils

Note: Always perform a patch test before complete application.

About Product


An all-in-one cleanser, for freshness that go a long way!

Hot weather brings sweat, dirt and all things nasty. Include Nuutwash in your daily hygiene routine to feel fresh all throughout the day. Best used during shower. For Men of all ages.

*Disclaimer- Actual product packaging may vary a little from the images due to constant upgrade in product packaging*


4 in 1 formulation
Nuutwash’s 4in1 benefits makes it a shower essential, mildly and effectively cleans the hard to clean areas and leaves freshness with its aroma infused essential oils. Specially designed for Men's skin.

Inner Beauty and Aroma
Let us help you enhance your inner beauty with our refreshing and calming charcoal infused blend. Let the essences of Nuutwash win the intimate war against bad odor while boosting your confidence to win the day.

Who can use Nuutwash
Nuutwash is engineered to be used by men of all ages.


A moisturizer in Liquid Powder form to guard your body's most sweaty parts and keep them dry and cool

A unique product, specially designed to circumvent the mess caused by talcum powder. Made as a liquid powder that leaves a soothing effect for your skin. Best anti-chaffing to keep your body parts dry during hot and humid summers.


Long Lasting and Mess Free Formula
Unlike talcum powder that falls off easily, Nuutguard sticks to the skin through the day. 

Controls Sweat
No more sweaty underwear. Nuutguard makes sure that your dry and free from sweat, remains dry and cool throughout the day. 

Deodorises and Moisturizes
Nuutguard soothes the skin with active ingredients that include Limonene, Linalool, Mulberry Extract & White Lotus Extract, give your body a fresh and natural aroma.

How To Use Nuutwash

onto hand

your nuts, butt,
body and hair
and dominate your day.

How To Use Nuutguard

onto hand

hands together then
apply onto nuts, inner thighs.
3.Allow 30 Seconds
to start drying before pulling up underwear.


Cruelty Free

Sulfate Free

Paraben Free

Made in India

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