Different Ways To Highlight Hair At Home

Different Ways To Highlight Hair At Home

Hey besties, eager to explore the possibilities with highlighting kits? You are in for a treat! Today, we are here to dive into different ways to highlight hair at home with Paradyes Hair Highlighting Kits. With these kits in hand, you'll soon be painting your strands with a spectrum of hues that radiate your unique vibe. Let's slay this colorful journey together! 

  1. Traditional Highlights

Imagine delicate sun-kissed strands dancing through your hair, like you've just returned from a tropical getaway. Traditional highlighting involves sectioning off hair and applying the color strategically for that natural, effortless effect. Whether you're opting for a few face-framing streaks or an all-over glow, this technique is all about embracing a timeless and chic look.

Pink Color Highlights from Birds of Paradyes

  1. Balayage Brilliance

Ah, balayage – the art of seamless color transition that's all the rage. This technique involves hand-painting highlights onto your hair, creating a soft gradient effect. With a hair highlighting kit, you can easily master the balayage technique at home, adding depth and dimension to your locks.

  1. Chunky Chic

For a daring look, try chunky highlights. Thick streaks of contrasting color instantly add depth and drama to your locks. Embrace your unique style with vibrant visual impact. Perfect for trendsetters who don’t shy away from going beautifully bold!

Chunky chic highlights from Paradyes

  1. Peekaboo Playfulness

Want to add a touch of mystery to your hair? Peekaboo highlights are worth a try. This technique involves strategically placing highlights underneath layers of hair, revealing pops of color when you move. It's a great way to show off your unique style without going over the top.
A girl with pekaboo highlights with color carola pink from Paradyes

  1. Money Piece Magic

Up your style with a 'Money Piece,' a trend that frames your face with striking color. Use a highlighting kit to accentuate this chic focal point, adding a touch of glamour and modern flair to your look. This technique beautifully complements all hair colors.

  1. Strand-lighting 

If you're all about subtlety, strand lighting might be your jam. This technique involves applying highlights to individual strands, giving your hair a naturally sun-kissed appearance. It's like bottling up those vacation vibes and sprinkling them throughout your locks.

  1. The Rainbow Hair

Why settle for one color when you can have a blend of hues that are uniquely you? With a hair highlighting kit, you can mix and match different shades to create a custom blend that compliments you. Whether it's a subtle blend or a bold fusion, this technique lets you express your individuality like no other.


Grab your kit, channel your inner stylist, and get ready to rock a look that's uniquely and unapologetically you. Whether you're aiming for a sun-kissed glow or a bold statement, the world of hair highlighting kits is your canvas!

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